SEWIN Weaves Starting Price $140
EVERY THURSDAY ¬†Sewins or Crochet Braids! Ask for Iman “Hairluv” Johnson
*must already be shampooed*
Natural Hair Shampoo/Style $40
Relaxed Hair Shampoo/Style

  • Wand Curls
  • Style cuts
  • Vixen Sewins

$25 Extra
$15 Extra
$50 Extra

Need Braids Braids Braids ask for Katy Dunson 614-599-7972
Box Braids starting price $100
Crochet Braids Starting price $120
Rod Sets, Flexi-Rod sets, Twist or Braid sets $45
Full Head of Color starting price $65
Custom Color starting price $130
Highlights (up to 10 foils) $65
Single Foils $20 per foil

Prices are subject to change depending complete service at time of appointment.
*Some Services may require a Non-refundable Deposit.***
Any appointment that is cancelled without a 24-48 hour notice will require a $15 fee to be paid on your next appointment.
Need Marykay ask for Scheziree Jones 614-446-6356
Need a Loctician Akliah Head +1 (614) 500-3357 Headlocks